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Nursing Opportunities for Overseas Nurses


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MMA recruitment has more than 15 years experience placing nurses like yourself in locations across the UK including Northern Ireland. As a nurse owned business, we understand the process of relocating to another country. Our streamlined recruitment process places you as our top priority guiding you every step of the way.

We provide guidance and resources for IELTS Language requirements as well as applying to register with the Nursing & Midwifery Council UK.

We are looking for ambitious, determined and adventurous nurses who are looking for the opportunity to live and work in the UK as a registered Nurse, earn a great salary and enjoy a high standard of living and explore the rich cultural history of the United Kingdom with your friends and family. To become a registered nurse in the United Kingdom you must meet the NMC’s minimum requirements.



Nursing Jobs in Great Locations Across the UK




A small country with a big heart and some of the most beautiful landscapes, lively cities and welcoming people on the planet. Even better, living in Scotland is not only enjoyable, but generally less expensive than many other areas in the UK - weekly household costs can be 20% cheaper than in London and 10% cheaper than the UK as a whole. So have it all for less.


Although house prices and rent are often lower than other parts of the UK, prices vary according to where you live and the type of property you have. The average monthly rent is £537.


The cost of your weekly groceries depends on what you buy, the number of people you shop for and where you go. The average household spends £54.80 per week on food, which is lower than most other parts of the UK.

Home energy

Home energy prices will depend on how energy efficient your home is and what energy supplier you choose. Most households will spend about £25 per week on gas and electricity for their home.

Getting around

Well-organised road, rail and ferry networks link Scotland from cities to the coastline. If you plan ahead, you can often get cheap travel deals.

Public transport

If you’re going to make a trip regularly for work, you can save money by purchasing weekly, monthly or annual season tickets. The average household spends £12.40 per week on public transport.


Generally car prices in Scotland are similar to other parts of the UK. If you know what you’re looking for, you can usually get a good price. Most people in Scotland spend an average of £23.20 per week on petrol.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

The standard rate of VAT is 20%. Some items such as children’s clothing and most food are zero rated, while VAT on home energy is 5%,

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland

The country may be renowned for its work ethic, but it places equal emphasis on the friendliness of the people and the quality of life. There’s an excellent education system, a world-class healthcare service and all manner of very affordable property.

Leisure and Pleasure

You can cross Northern Ireland by car in about two hours – north to south, or east to west – but in between there is a rich variety of scenery, activities, and a host of cultural attractions and leisure opportunities.


In terms of its beauty, Northern Ireland is no different to the south, with gentle green rolling hills, majestic cliff faces and ancient grey stone ruins dotted throughout. In fact it lays claim to one of Ireland‘s most popular natural tourist sites – the Giant‘s Causeway on the spectacular County Antrim coastline.

Cost-competitive Workforce

Northern Ireland’s population of 1.8 million is one of Europe’s youngest and fastest growing. Over 40 per cent are aged 29 or under, and 55 per cent are under the age of 40. There is an enthusiastic and steady stream of smart, talented people for knowledge-based companies seeking a strong workforce.


Property costs in Northern Ireland compare very favourably with other regions in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.


The overall tax burden in Northern Ireland is the lowest of all the major European economies.

Cost of Living

A single person in Northern Ireland can earn at least £14000 per year and will be able to afford a minimum socially acceptable standard of living.


Three airports deal with almost seven million passengers a year. Belfast International Airport runs daily scheduled flights to destinations such as New York, London, Paris and Amsterdam. The region boasts four ports – Belfast Harbour, Foyle Port, Warrenpoint Harbour and Larne Harbour. Belfast Harbour is the second busiest port on the island of Ireland.



Every corner of Wales has something to discover.  North Wales, South Wales, Mid Wales and West Wales. We also have three glorious national parks to explore – Snowdonia, the Pembrokeshire Coast and the Brecon Beacons.

Cost of Living

Wales has some of the lowest living costs in the United Kingdom and most of the population enjoy a high standard of living. Living costs in Wales do depend on your location, employment and circumstances. However, historically Wales has had lower costs on items such as accommodation, travel, food, entertainment, shopping and services. Property prices, council tax and basic expenses in Wales all generally fall below the UK average.


The average gross weekly earnings in Wales in 2014 was £537.


People living in Wales can access a full and diverse range of healthcare, with the National Health Service (NHS) and both private and complementary medicine practices available.

Wales - A Bilingual Nation

Almost everyone in Wales speaks English. Around 19% of the population also speak Welsh. English and Welsh exist side by side. You’ll see bilingual signs and hear both languages spoken.

Housing in Wales

There are a number of options for housing in Wales depending on your circumstances.Wales has some of the most competitive house prices in the United Kingdom.


After a day of working, studying or a long day exploring all Wales has to offer, what better way to relax and let your hair down. It has a thriving nightlife and loads of places where you can meet up with friends and have a good chat or dance the night away. Like our city centre clubs and bars in Cardiff where you can have a drink on outdoor terraces. Or the legendary Mumbles in Swansea which offers a mile long stretch of pubs and bars along the coast.



Living in London can be both a wonderful and intimidating experience. It is a fantastic city in which to live and work. And whatever stage you’re at – be it the planning to move stage, packing to go or unpacking on arrival, it’s vital to have a reliable source where you can discover ‘need - to - know’ information.


A similar one - bedroom property in the Willesden area of London costs an average of £200 per week, but in the upmarket area of South Kensington cost £ 666 per week.


London is a lot like other major cities - there are cheap meals to be had wherever you go, but it’s easy to spend too much in London due to the amount of great options. Grocery store prices are comparable to other major cities in the United States. Meal in London will cost about £5. London is the most expensive for food.

Cost of Living

Well, no one can deny that the cost of living in London is expensive. However, one thing that’s in a Londoner’s favour is that the wages in the capital city are, in general, higher than anywhere else in the country.


Travel in an d around London is easy, and there are many options available for getting in and out, as well as travel within the city itself. One of the many benefits about living in London is that there really is no necessity to have a car. Most Londoner’s use the effi cient transport network and underground trains called ‘Tubes’.

Cost of Entertainment

The cost of entertainment in London varies, of course, depending on your taste. A cinema ticket is between £8 - £12 per person. The theatre & seeing live performances is another entertainment source in London at around £80.To keep track of everything thats happening in London, sign up for The Londonist and receive free email updates of activities in and around London.

Internet & Phone Costs

The average broadband price in London is about £25. Purchasing a phone for temporary use in London is also a fair bit easier & cheaper than elsewhere in the world. The UK also have a Pay As You Go (PAYG) Phone Option.


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