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MMA CEO Are welcomed!


Dawie van Rensburg


Its no secret that MMA is going places very  quickly and growing at a very fast pass, so Melinda and Lee had to grab in, and since  the BIG announcement was made that  Dawie Van Rensburg is officially MMA’s  CEO, things started changing for the good!

Being the CEO, with his background of Corporate business, MMA has become more structured.  Core values has been implemented, goals has been set and MMA’s growth has been impacted in a GREAT way!

The whole of MMA is happy to have him on board and are all delighted for he is not only a very structured person, but brings an objective side to things, and with his warming and understanding personality anyone feels at home, and welcomed into his office with any concern, joke or idea!

Thank you Dawie for the amazing impact you had on the team so far!

To the years to come!

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