it's not just what we do,
it's the way we do it.

MMA strive with their Core Values




We are wholeheartedly committed to providing a consistently exceptional service to all our clients, candidates and colleagues. We are willing to go above and beyond our call of duty.



Trust and transparency are the foundation of our working relationships so our customers can be sure that we will do what we say and that you will always receive honest responses and progress reports from us.



The positivity and vibrant atmosphere in our offices is generated by the enthusiasm and energy of our consultants. We are passionate about recruiting and driven to place the right people with the right clients. We really love what we do and appreciate what we have.



Teamwork is at the heart of our organization. We are dedicated to working together to achieve common goals. We listen and learn from our   customers and each other – Seeking solutions though collective effort.



We treat all of our contacts with an equal level of dignity, courtesy and respect. We care about our candidates’ and clients’ feelings (empathy) and we take the time to understand both personal and professional needs and goals.



We strive to act in a highly professional manner at all times. We aim to offer an efficient, accurate service and seamless processes whilst maintaining the personal touch for which we are renowned in the industry.




The Best preparation for tomorrow, is doing your best today!

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