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UK Private Healthcare Opportunities for nurses

UK Private Healthcare Opportunities for nurses, The sky us the limit!


Do you want to expand your skills as a health professional and have a wide range of opportunities to pursue an even more successful career? Then the independent health sector is for you.

Although there are still perceptions in the UK that it is the more secure option to work for the National Health Service (NHS), the current state of the independent health sector sketches a whole new (and exciting) picture.

Besides offering health professionals numerous opportunities to develop and prosper, this fast-growing sector is already establishing a prominent place in the UK’s health industry. The NHS has acknowledged this and more collaboration opportunities between the two sectors are utilized.

The independent health sector involves a wide variety of establishments and services. In England alone the industry comprises approximately 42 500 health organizations that include acute, maternity and mental health hospitals and hospices. Services such as in vitro fertilization, dialysis, endoscopy, laser, intense pulsed light source and termination of pregnancies are offered.



It’s not necessarily accurate to assume higher average earnings in public health compared to the private sector. According to the managing director of Private Health careers, one needs to compare apples with apples when it comes to remuneration. By simply comparing average remuneration packages in the public and private sector, we still don’t know if people are being paid more for doing comparable jobs.

Because the private health sector is so focused on effective training and staff development, employers have the opportunity to move through the ranks of their career with great speed, obtaining several qualifications, high positions and impressive wage increases.

The private health sector offers valuable advantages for health professionals that specialize in areas such as nursing, clinical psychology, dental hygiene, healthcare support work, physiotherapy and radiography, to name but a few.

This is a generous investment in your education, training and professional development with guaranteed results. The private sector offers various pathways to rewarding and interesting careers. It is the perfect place for someone who loves to take charge of their own career and development with more autonomy and less bureaucracy

Laura Airs, who started working in the independent health sector in 2004, is one of the many employees who benefited from the opportunities she was offered. Since I’ve started working as healthcare support worker, I’ve had the opportunity to develop my clinical skills and was promoted to a senior position

Laura completed her Certificate in Education and found that the two-year undergraduate course helped her to relate a lot of reasoning behind her job role to her daily tasks. Annually we all undertake mandatory training to update our knowledge and skills. I was approached and took on the role of teaching other employees in my region.

For more information about career opportunities as a health professional in the independent sector, email or phone 00441189879240

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