it's not just what we do,
it's the way we do it.

Meet the Team

Meet the People who make it Happen


Our team of global professionals represents the UK, EU, India, South Africa and the Philippines. Each member of our team is an expert in their field and have real passion in what they do. As a nurse lead company, we appreciate the way you care for others. We share your passion – caring – and in return we care for each of our applicants. We feel its important that you know who we are – people like you with hopes and dreams and aspirations.


The Management & Administrative Team

These are the people who lead, plan and empower the rest of the team.



Melinda Moolman
Brand President
Werner Du Preez
Company Director
Lee Ehlers
Director of Operations, UK
Dawie van Rensburg
Chief Executive
Elisma Conradie
Accounts Manager
Charmaine Beukes
Head of Relocation , UK
Chandni Karamchandani
Business Operational Manager

Recruitment Specialists

Recruitment Specialists are typically the first person that you will speak with about career opportunities. Our Recruitment Specialists help assist you in completing your online application, skills checklist, and setting you up for an interview.



Melani Eksteen
Recruitment Manager and Events Co-Ordinator, UK
Menchie Molano, M.D
Director of Operations, Philippines
Gabriela Hoare
Senior Recruitment Manager, UK
Donae Smit
Marketing Manager, UK
Nadia Jooste
Recruitmennt Manager, UK
Janine Williams
Senior Marketing and Recruitment Executive, UK
Joa Beukes
Marketing and Recruitment Executive, UK
Bhavin Karamchandani
Senior Recruiter , India
Lea Matunding
Marketing and Recruitment Executive, Philippines
Anne Bautista
Senior Administrator, Philippines
Dhaval Parmar
Kirt Brahmbhatt
Recruitment Executive, India
Khushbu Soni
Administrative Executive
Edwill Butler
Marketing and Recruitment Executive, UK


Relocation Specialists

Once you have accepted a nursing job in the UK, your relocation specialist will assist you with arranging your VISA appointment, booking your flight, arranging your accommodation, and ensuring that everything is ready for you upon arrival. They also assist with your NMC application and documentation for registration.


Natisia Gertse
Relocation Team Manager, UK
Leandri Stander
Relocation Team Manager, UK
Chrizelda Thomas
Relocation Team Manager, UK
Franine Duminy
Relocation Team Manager, UK
Heena Taglani
Relocation Team Manager, India
Gina Rush
Ritu Gyanchandani
Senior Compliance Lead, India
Geeta Sedhani
Senior Relocation and Compliance Lead, India
Harsha Laljani
Senior Relocation and Compliance Lead, India
Daniela Doringo
Senior Relocation and Compliance Lead , Philippines
Aina Magpayo
Relocation and Compliance Coordinator, Philippines
Shalini Bhagchandani
Compliance Officer, India
Shubham Patel
Senior Compliance Lead, India
Menecia Thomas
Compliance Executive, South Africa
Pooja Patel
Compliance Executive, India
Honey Dunani
Compliance Executive, India
Riya Balchandani
Compliance and Relocation Executive, India
Heer Patel
Compliance and Visa Executive, India
Peenal Valli
Relocation & Accommodation Executive, India
Liwayway Ayles
Relocation Lead, UK
Joanne Creaney
Relocation Lead, UK
Nilesh Yadav
Compliance and Relocation Executive, India