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How to prepare for Webcam Interview

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  Interview Preparation It’s important to remember that a SKYPE interview is a “real” interview, just like when you interview in an office. Your answers will be weighed and selection decisions will be made, just as they would if the interview was in-person. In fact, given that the interview can be scored and reviewed, it can be even more important than a typical first round phone or screening interview. LIGHTS, CAMERA, INTERVIEW!   Video interview tips Practice If you feel insecure, call us for a...

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Nursing & Midwifery Council Computer Based Test

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Nursing & Midwifery Council Computer Based Test   Exams in all their forms have the ability to paralyse us with anxiety, fear and uncertainty. The higher the stakes, the higher the experienced anxiety. To be able to progress with your NMC registration, the CBT must be passed. It is this that causes unnecessary pressure and may hamper our chances of success. The aim of this article therefore is to help you take control. All the resources you will need are available in abundance using the NMC as a resource and the Test of Competence...

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Is Workplace Culture an Excuse for Poor Care?

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Is Workplace Culture an Excuse for Poor Care?   Hello to all our nursing friends around the world. I know wherever you may find yourself out there, you are doing your best for your patients and work as a team with your colleagues. In our previous post “Lack of respect for the nursing profession?” we explored issues why nurses does not enjoy the high status of other professions as they should. Today we will look at workplace culture. Is it possible that our workplace culture can affect the care that we give to our patients? The answer to...

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Lack of Respect for Nursing Profession

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Lack of respect for the Nursing profession?   Do you feel that you are valued as a nurse and that your profession is highly regarded? Can you back up your claim? When you are in the company of other professions (accountants, lawyers, marketing managers, etc) do you feel that your profession holds equal status to theirs? Finally, do this small exercise. Go to GOOGLE and type in the search field the words ‘nurse costume’. Filter the search results by clicking on ‘images’ below the search bar. Did you find something similar to the result...

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Global Nurse Migration

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Welcome to MMA Healthcare Recruitments BLOG – Global Nurse   Today we will ask ourselves: “Why do we want to work overseas?” So lets talk about migration, specifically, nursing migration. In this context we mean when you leave your home country to practice your nursing profession in a foreign country. You may be reading this because you are planning to work abroad and seek new adventures, meet new people, see new things, support your family, grow professionally, make more money. The reasons why nurses migrate are almost infinite....

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