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How to prepare for Webcam Interview



Interview Preparation

It’s important to remember that a SKYPE interview is a “real” interview, just like when you interview in an office. Your answers will be weighed and selection decisions will be made, just as they would if the interview was in-person. In fact, given that the interview can be scored and reviewed, it can be even more important than a typical first round phone or screening interview.



Video interview tips

  1. Practice

    If you feel insecure, call us for a “practice” run. This allows us to test your ĐonneĐtion – and you can see what you look like on camera! Even if you think you can figure it out, it’s good to ask for a quick overview.

  2. Eye Contact

    Don’t look at the desk or keyboard – look at the camera. Use the Picture-in-Picture feature so you can see how you appear. Avoid wandering eyes and relax – keep physical control. The computer can’t see you but the webcam can! As hard as it is to do, look into the camera

    when you are speaking and at the computer when the employer is speaking!

  3. Arrive early

    Be sure to be ready 15 mins ahead of time or more. Use this time to study what you look like on camera and get comfortable. Make sure your camera and microphone are properly installed and working prior to the interview. Also, make sure the camera is aimed at your face and not at the wall or your lap! It is also important to make sure you have the proper microphone selected under Settings on your interview screen. It won’t help if the employer can’t hear what you are saying.

  4. Dress professionally
    Dress the same way you would for an in-person interview.
  5. Tidy up

    Make sure the table is clean and neat. You don’t want to distract the interviewer. An employer can’t see your home of office, but they can see what is behind you! Make sure you set up in an area where an employer won’t be distracted by the scenery behind you.

  6. Don’t fidget

    Be aware that the microphone picks up all the noise in the room. Don’t tap your pen or shuffle papers.

  7. Find a quiet room.

    Shut down your mobile phone, television or any other gadgets in the room. You may be in a home or office but this is still a professional interview. Try to avoid being cut-off by dogs barking or cats meowing, phones ringing or even a car alarm. Try to avoid putting yourself in a situation you may regret.

  8. No distractions

    Your children will have to wait for lunch, your cat can’t sit on your lap and make sure you letyour dog out before the interview

  9. The presence of voice, language and body positioning is important.
    Avoid elevated voice tones, slang and loose posture. Sound sharp and look sharp


  10. Smile – You are on camera!! Being professional is important – but so is friendliness. Remember, your interviewer will have to work alongside you and likeability is important. Be pleasant and enthusiastic.


Avoid leaving the confines of the camera until the interview is completely administered and thank the interview for his/her time.

Best of Luck!!

Melinda Moolman & Team
Managing Director, Nursing