it's not just what we do,
it's the way we do it.

Our Services


MMA enjoys long standing professional relationships with selected clients. The strategy is to continue with committed clients where there is a mutually beneficial partnership and a common vision in attracting and retaining the most appropriate candidates

The Healthcare providers we partner with are carefully chosen to ensure that our candidates receive training on their arrival and the UK as well as the best possible opportunities for career development.


Placing candidates is the easy part of our job!


To achieve the successful and effective placement of candidates requires a holistic, multidimensional approach to the recruitment process. An approach that understands the needs of a candidate entering an unfamiliar working environment, an unfamiliar cultural environment, often experiencing an unfamiliar religious environment and often having to cope with an unfamiliar language!


Support is crucial and this the MMA placed candidate will find in abundance.


Dealing with the NMC, visas, work permits, embassies and airlines is usually a factor that discourages most people who aspire to work overseas. We understand this and therefore go the extra mile to make the whole process as easy and as undaunting as possible for the candidate.


At MMA, our job does not end with the assessment, marketing and placement of the candidate in a suitable position. Our team is experienced in all aspects of travelling and working abroad and our knowledge and expertise are made available to the candidate.


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