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UK Nursing Programme

Registering as a Nurse in the United Kingdom


Our Nursing Programme

MMA has designed  a programme consisting of a series of guides for the sole purpose of demystifying the UK nursing registration process. Our guides are available to all nurses who apply on this site and will be sent to you as you progress through the process. Outlined below are a brief overview of the programme titles and a short synopsis of each. Our guides contains detailed descriptions of every stage of your journey to the UK.


NMC Requirements

The NMC requires all applicants to meet certain requirements before applying to join the nursing register in the UK. For the full list of requirements, please read Registering as a nurse or midwife in the UK.

With regards to the IELTS language requirements, MMA have a system in place as part of the UK Nursing Programme to assist you with passing your IELTS.


Get Your Dream Job

This guide details the how we work with you to find the job of your dreams. Our dedicated team of career advisors will engage with you once you have submitted your application, to discuss your skills, personal preferences and requirements. We also provide you with a choice of where in the UK you would like to work. We arrange job interviews for you and provide guidance with our Interview Survival Guide. All this information is shared with you once you have applied.


Pre-employment Check

In this part of the programme we outline the steps to take following your successful interview. You will be guided by our consultants to provide all the necessary documentation to your new employer in the UK.


VISA Sponsorship

In this guide, we provided detailed step-by-step instructions navigating you through the entire visa application process in obtaining your Certificate of Sponsorship (work permit). This includes making an appointment for your TB screening and VISA appointment and the types of documents required for this. Our consultants work with you to make all this happen.


Travel, Arrival & Accommodation

MMA’s consultants administrates this process with you. We book your plane tickets, arranges your accommodation, and welcomes you at the airport on your arrival and whisks you off to your new home. We help with shopping, getting you sorted and helping you ease in. Smooth sailing with MMA!


Induction Programme

The induction programme guide advises on all you need to know to get yourself settled in the UK. It explains in detail how to open your first UK bank account, obtain your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) and National Insurance Number. You employer will provide you with training to complete the last leg of your NMC registration by preparing you for the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE).